A firewood axe and an old-fashioned axe have slight differences. You need to use a typical someone to split the firewood but it is not just a good practice at all times. Employing a normal axe to split firewood will dull it rapidly, unless done properly. A standard axe is the term used to refer to an axe used to cut wood and it includes a sharp edge. Meanwhile, an axe for splitting doesn’t necessarily have a sharp edge because it is only used to split the wood apart.

Each brand carries different models with various sizes and shapes. The normal axe for splitting includes a head weighing around 3-4 lbs. Some axes are designed Viking axes  to resemble the shape of the maul minus the additional weight so they’ve a V shape. An axe is known as a splitting axe if it is used to split wood, aside from its shape and size.

Choosing the Best Handle for the Axe.

The handle size should be determined according to the user’s preferences. As an example, I lean toward 30″ hickory handles. It’s not the standard handle size but I just got accustomed to using an axe with that handle length. Regular splitting wood axes have a handle that’s 36″ long. Longer handles give the user more swing power but a smaller handle gives the user more control within the motion. It’s your responsibility to choose the length. Choosing the axe handle material is also a matter of personal preference. Some handles are made of fiberglass while others are made of wood. A fiberglass handle is better for the novice axeman but I know like wooden handles. If you over-shoot a log with an individual strong blow, you are able to break the wooden axe handle. You are able to do exactly the same to the axe with a fiberglass handle and it only will bounce back. Fiberglass handles are created to last almost a lifetime.


You should truly buy multiple splitting axe. It’ll show to be extremely useful across the house. As described earlier, it is the great, old reliable tool that’ll not fail you when other tools do. Axes will also be effective tools with ash, poplar, pine, and other species which can be relatively simple to split. Using an axe is preferable to employing a maul because the latter will tire you out quickly.