With today’s advanced technology, we are now able to do several virtual transactions. Settling our utility bills, shopping and paying our employees are now able to be done in the comfort of our personal homes before a pc on the Internet or by processing a bank card payment on the phone.

But have you noticed that the computer or the agent will always request your complete address atlanta divorce attorneys transaction? When you have been doing plenty of transactions by phone or Internet, 먹튀폴리스 검증업체  I’m certain that you have encountered this scenario several times. Some of us are receiving very annoyed with it simply because they keep on asking that information even if they’ve our address on the records. This process is called address verification.

Just to clarify, we mustn’t be annoyed if the agent does address verification on transactions. This is a very important task and is considered a standard operating procedure in terms of money matters.

But why is it extremely important for companies to do address verification? Companies are basically achieving this for 2 reasons. The initial one would be to make sure that every transaction is an authorized transaction and thus protecting you from account fraud or theft. For instance, another individual had a hold of your credit card. By the mere possession of the card, he could put it to use to do some online or phone transactions. However, he won’t find a way to do that since he is going to be asked to verify the billing address of the card. Since that individual does not need that information, he cannot verify it and thus the transaction won’t push through.

How can the method of verifying the address work? The agent or the online shop will request the billing address. When the billing address did not match the entries on the device, then your transaction is going to be declined. This may prevent any unauthorized use of your credit card.

Some companies, regardless of having their particular verification system, also work with a USPS address verification system. USPS address verification system is an application that’s connected to the United States Postal Service. This is a very reliable tool in checking whether the address is valid or is registered on the database. So once the company was unable to verify the address both on the database and on the USPS address verification system, they will totally reject the transaction and make a report of a fraud caller.

The 2nd reason is that they wish to have a clean and good relationship with the client. If you discovered that you have an unauthorized transaction on your credit card bill, I’m sure you’ll contact the company and complain simply because they allowed this unauthorized and unverified use of the credit card. Thus leading to a discontinuation of business. With the verification system, you are certain that only you and the authorized people may do the transaction.