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I want to thank Jason, and everyone at the Monastery again for welcoming me with such openness. I’m still amazed that I was granted this opportunity to see shining examples of the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and for the first time in a long while, I do not feel alone.

Part of me wanted to stay longer, but beneath that desire was the thought that I would be doing so for the wrong reason; as a way to avoid my problems. The stronger feeling was, and is, that my travels will continue.

Before I left, Jason asked if I had had any insights acim. What I’m about to share was not yet clear at that time; only on the drive away did it coalesce.

That morning, several lines from a Vance Joy song kept running through my head, “I never should have told you, never should have let you see inside. Don’t want it troubling your mind, won’t you let it be?” This confused me as I could not think of anything that I had said that I felt regret for.

Eventually, the phrase, “don’t want it troubling your mind” stood out. This reminded me that the most prominent fear I had in coming to the Monastery was that I would somehow interfere with its residents’ peace of mind, simply by my presence alone. This belief that I could negatively affect other people’s state of mind has been with me for many years, and has colored many of my past experiences and relationships.

This fear left my awareness soon after I arrived. On the drive away it rose again, but I remembered David saying in one of his videos that minds cannot attack. I cried and laughed, and now feel as if the belief is being (has been?) released.

There are other things that happened that felt important, but I can’t think of them right now.

While most of us have been raised to believe that prayer requires asking to God to simply help, save your self, resolve issues and bring people points nowadays, that’s not true prayer nor their purpose. Prayer in A Program in Miracles (ACIM) is very various and really beautiful. Greater than a song, it is joyous change of Love and thanks between God and His Designs that employs the forgiveness process to fix your head until the Prayer Track is all that remains. It’s the solution home so knowledge true prayer, and forgiveness, may be worth the amount of time in retraining the mind.

Prayer is changing (sharing) a Track of Enjoy and Creation or judgments of the vanity predicated on that which you look for (agree with) in the mind. There’s no different way. In the Course, the mind (content) is separate between Lord and the pride; and you are choosing all the time with a part as reason for effect.

Types (all things of this world) are miscreations showing the ego’s judgmental believed system. We’ve managed to get up (miscreated that world) and will give it down anytime by correcting the mind (forgiveness). True prayer needs that modification of the mind as God has nothing to do with forms.

What Prayer is Not:

As you are usually choosing, what you require whenever you wish is what counts. Once you plead in prayer to possess Lord fix a questionnaire trouble with another variety issue, you’re wondering the confidence brain for support (not God). These types and wants are deemed more essential than God’s Enjoy that’ll stay concealed to the degree you select the illusion.

All outside things (forms) are needs. Other labels are wants, needs, position, problems, nausea, human love (special relationships), presents and targets these days, etc. They are everything you select as replacements for God’s Love and the confidence will pose the purpose of prayer by using them to help the illusion. Therefore, prayer can not be about “forms” or “needs” in virtually any way.