Getting your website ranked in the search engines is a topic that many want in. Everyone wants to be on the front page of Google or Yahoo. The higher your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Presence) is the more traffic your website will get. It seems that new books are quit every day with methods for getting your site ranked quickly and the wonderful are flowing to them hoping they are the next smartest thing.

I have been in the internet market for several years and I have seen the new ideas come and go. I admit that some of them appear to are more effective than others and many probably work much better than my own, but I have a system I have used for several years and possesses proven a winner for me. I take advantage of all “white hat” techniques. The search engines are developed so well they can usually recognise the people that are using automated software and while your site could make it to the the top of search engines quickly, they die about as fast.

One of the things that is rarely mentioned is getting your page ranked on one of the major search engines is not something that could 커뮤니티 사이트 순위 happen overnight, especially when your domain is new. I have had new areas that made it on the front page in a month or more, but had to work very hard at it and the competition for the words was not that tough.

Where to begin?

If you are trying to create a website to sell a product, the first place to start is your keywords. There are several free tools available today that will assist you to research keywords. What you want to try and find are words that describe your product that don’t have a ton of competition. This is the hardest the main journey in my opinion. Once you have found a few keywords, you are ready to begin.

Domain or No Domain?

I have had friends that have done very well with free blog sites like Word Press and Doodlekit, but I have personally had better luck purchasing my domain. I will typically get a domain and set up hosting as soon as I’ve found my keywords as it can certainly take up to 24hrs for hosting to get set up. One thing to note is make sure that your host provider has the capacity to install Word Press if you are considering a blog type site.

Setting up The site

I almost always install a Word Press site. I really enjoy seeing Google love Word Press. I have had Word Press sites rank much faster than other sites. Word Press is free to use and they offer thousands of web templates to choose from. You can even set up sites that look like static sites with some of the Word Press web templates.

The site is defined up.. Now What?

You want to post 4 to 5 articles to your freshly set up site. If you have your Word Press set up correctly, it is pinging the search engines on every post. Once your articles are posted on your site, it is time to announce it to the world. You can do this in a number of ways. One big way is to comment in discussion boards and get links, another is to write articles to the free article owners. If you are promoting a product with your new site, write an article about it and make sure to mention your website in the author section.

Now that you have it going, just keep posting messages or pages to your site. In the beginning I try to add at least one post per day to keep the search engines pinged. Once you see your site start to get listed, you can slack that down to once every few days if you want.

If you follow these points your site should start generating traffic within a month or more to a month. It isn’t an easy process to get consistent traffic to your site. Most people give up before they ever see the fruit of their labor, but if you just hang within… Keep posting articles, making posts to your website and commenting on discussion boards your site will get big attention. Once it starts getting noticed, it will be like serving petrol on a fire… the traffic will just keep arriving.