Wondfo is a leading IVD company that places customer satisfaction at the center of our business, offering comprehensive reagents to the medical field. We are passionate about making sure that what we provide to our customers is safe, accurate, and affordable.

What is in vitro diagnostics?

In vitro diagnosis (IVD) is the process of diagnosing a disease or condition in cells or tissues outside the body. IVD can be used to diagnose a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. IVD is also used to test new treatments and therapies.

The process of diagnosing a patient using in vitro diagnostic techniques involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood, urine, or other body fluids and sending it to a laboratory for analysis.

Applications of Wondfo Products

Wondfo diagnostic products are used by healthcare professionals around the world to help diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. Healthcare providers use Wondfo products to detect and diagnose a variety of diseases, including cancer, HIV, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Our products are also used to monitor patient health and help physicians determine when patients need further treatment. Additionally, scientists use Wondfo products to develop new treatments for diseases.


Wondfo is providing customers with the latest technologies and products to help them make accurate diagnoses. Wondfo’s cutting-edge technology has made us one of the most successful companies in the in vitro diagnostic industry and continues to grow at an incredible rate. If you are looking for a company that provides quality products and services, Wondfo is your first choice.